And All Along…

I purposely have put off writing any type of posts for a while. For one reason, I have to earn a living, but… that’s not exactly why.

The truth is, I’m upset. I’ll just be honest.

When our first Guardians meeting didn’t garner the turnout that the replies on Facebook implied, I was just a tiny bit sad, its true, but I figured well, you know, we’re a new group, I’m not very well known in the community and everything has its proofing period.

So, I settled back into a routine of talking us up on Facebook, trying to develop programs and raise funds to start pushing some of our initiatives, and I swear, it seems like the harder I worked at it, the worse things got.

In the meantime, I’ve fielded several phone calls from mother’s who’s children were approached by strangers, to parents of kids who’d gone missing – either having run away, or just gone, and them being told there wasn’t much that could be done by law enforcement.

The latest incident, with Bobbie Evans daughter, isn’t that uncommon. And now?

Well, now I am a little bit peeved.

I want action. Not just on the part of our police department or our schools, but I want parents, teachers, neighbors, business people – everyone who lives and works and plays in our communities to understand something – things are NOT getting any better out there. They aren’t. I don’t care how much new technology you put in place, how many more teachers you hire or policemen you bring in, or how high you set the budgets, until real, every day citizens get involved with the problems, and start voicing LOUDLY that they are ready for change, nothing will change and things will get worse.

The more, we as a people, rest on our laurels and decide to believe that ONE person cannot make a difference or that there is no “point in fighting the system”, the worse things will get. And what happens the next time there is an incident like Hailey? Or like Bobbie’s daughter?

I’ll just run this little analogy by you guys.

I have a very dear friend whom I love to pieces. Known him for a very long time. But my dear friend has this thing that he does that, well, frankly, drives me crazy for the sheer stupidity of it.

If he gets sick, or hurt, he will lay around and whine and moan and complain. He’ll ask advice and talk about how he’s feeling and whats wrong. But when it comes to actually doing something about it? Taking a medication or seeing a doctor or a dentist, he won’t. He’s more comfortable just putting up with pain and agony rather than stepping outside his comfort zone and moving his butt to make things better.

Well, the way I see it, this is pretty much the same thing. Springfield has… a boo boo.. and we have the means to fix it. We have people.. and people is what it takes. Not ONE person, but several people, putting thoughts and ideas forward into actions. Not a group of .. well, now… three people getting together once a month to talk about things, but a group of SEVERAL people taking those discussions and putting action behind them. Yes, meetings are important, yes Facebook and twitter and this blog are important.. but if all we ever do is “talk” about the issues, then “talk” is all that will happen.

I am not against our Police Department. I’m really not. I think there are probably some very good officers there who are frustrated by the bureaucracy and red tape. I’m not against our schools. I’m sure there are teachers who went into the profession thinking the could change the world only to realize that they aren’t allowed to and aren’t given the proper tools to do so.

BUT, when someone sees an issue with one of those systems and points it out, a lot of people get upset. They don’t want to see that nothing is what it was 50 years ago, 20 years ago, or even ten years ago. And because its not what it used to be, we have to approach things differently. We have to decide as a people that we’re tired of inadequacies in our law, educational and judicial systems. We have to stand up and say we’re sick to death of the perverts and filth that have decided to call our streets home, and WE as a PEOPLE have to be the driving force behind the changes we want to see.

That’s why I founded the Guardians. Not so I could feel like some kind of big shot addressing the media or looking all glorified because I managed to pull an event together. I did it because this is MY town. I live here. I try to work here. I call this place home and I love it. And I see so much potential for a good and prosperous life for myself and for all of us, but we have to stop letting the issues that can destroy us go unchanged.

Yes, I can be a loud mouth. Yes, I can come off as brash and harsh. But you know what? Sometimes thats what you HAVE to do in order to be heard.

So I’m going to issue a dare… a challenge.

Our next meeting will take place the 20th of May, beginning at 6:30 PM and ending at 8:00 PM. That’s plenty of time to get together, talk about things and make some actual plans to put them into motion. Lets figure out how to start effecting changes and git’er’done! Don’t just sit on Facebook and complain, come join me and lets DO SOMETHING!